Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dotåbåtå - Red Wall

Again no image, but hey, quit your nagging, you're still getting the music..
This is the best release he's done. Ever. It has everything he's known for. There are dreamy ambient ideas, a bit darker than usual, layered with haunting howls and screams, which makes it eerie as hell, and there are harsher analogue noise tantrums, bashing their way through the entire release.
This is again one of my own cassette rips, so the quality of the sound is lower than the original (and not in a wav-to-mp3 kind of way...). If you like what you're hearing, then definitely get a copy before they run out.

Released: Cantankerous Records, 2010, limited to 25 copies.

01. Waiting In Line At The Altar Of Death
02. Bloaded & Rotting Inside

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