Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Boar - Man's Greatest Fish

We love the Boar-man. Harsh yet delicate. I was lucky enough to get this in the mail not too long ago, together with some other nefarious nutcracking soundbits which i'll be posting hopefully soon. It's more of the same actually, there's no real variation on the familiar Boar sound, but that isn't a bad thing.
The CD came in a selfmade plastic sleeve, consisting of two megatough plastic sheets stapled together. It was hard to get the CD out of that pvc prison, but it was worth it.

Released: Dead Pope Productions, November 2009, Limited to 40.

01. Man's Greatest Intentions
02. Man's Greatest Fault
03. Man's Greatest Fish
04. Man's Greatest Sin

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Previously Released:
2008: Boar - Birds and Bees
2008: Endometrium Cuntplow + Boar - This Is Taking Me Awhile To Think About Ghost Sounds Split
2009: Boar + Zebra Mu Split
2009: Boar & Intestinal Disgorge
2009: Boar - Human Society
2009: Boar - Sabre-Tooth

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