Friday, 14 May 2010

Boar + Dotåbåtå - Split

A split by this blog's two favourite artists: harsh noise installation Boar and dreamy drone delegation Dotåbåtå. I was thrilled to buy this from Dangerous Sounds (label) but when I first heard it, it was quite a dissapointment. It had neither of the artists good qualities, Boar's side wasn't too harsh, it didn't have the energy I was expecting it to have. And Dotåbåtå's side of the split had something unrecognizable, and most times I would welcome this, but this time it couldn't please me as much.
It's still something to listen to though. I'm not too fond of this release, as both sides don't quite match up, but each side does fit in their artist's discography. And the front cover in the jewel case was very pleasant to look at.

Released: Dangerous Sounds, 2009, limited to 22.

01. Boar - Phantom
02. Boar - Never Ending Blackness (Brainwashed)
03. Boar - Sampling Disaster
04. Boar - Shattering Period
05. Dotåbåtå - Brass Rats
06. Dotåbåtå - Ten Skulls

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Previously Released:
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2009: Dotåbåtå + Zebra Mu split

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