Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vo)))id + Catacombs Of Doom - Blood Ritual

This was also new for me. I traded this album for some of my own stuff, without actually knowing if I'd like tehse two artists or not. That's sometimes the way to get to know some of your favourite bands/projects, and guess what, I loved it.
First of all, the packaging is awesome. Like everything else from Toxic Industries, it's like opening a birthday present when receiving the package you ordered. This time the album came in a folded strong textured paper, covered in red candle drippings. It absolutely adds to the momentum of the album.
It starts of with Vo)))id's side, which is some classic drone-bient, low and brooding. Sometimes I thought it became a bit loud, but that's because the track i climbing to it climax, which doesn't seem so loud anymore when you pass it. Catacombs Of Doom, adding some churchbells to the mix, brings with him the same kind of ambient tonescapes, not copying Vo)))id's style, but complimenting it by giving balance to the entire thing.

Released: Toxic Industries, October 2009, limited to 40.

01. Vo)))id - Intro
02. Vo)))id - Ritual
03. Vo)))id - Prayer
04. Vo)))id - Blitzkrieg
05. Vo)))id - Outro
06. Catacombs Of Doom - Trance Of The Dead
07. Catacombs Of Doom - Return To The Void
08. Catacombs Of Doom - Dominus Diabolo
09. Catacombs Of Doom - Black Mass
10. Catacombs Of Doom - Green Fairy's Liquid Spell

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