Saturday, 15 May 2010

Heroin And Your Veins - Nausea

It's been a while since I posted his first album, but ut has been downloaded by so many people I couldn't wait any longer to post his second release. It's in the same vein (pun intended) as the first one, the same slow film noir sounding post-rock. It almost feels like the soundtrack to light a sigaret to.
He's also done a side project called pisse enuit, but I'll post about that later, for now you should just download this one and enjoy.

Released: Verdura Records, April 2009.

01. Intoxication
02. The Trigger
03. The Lady
04. Murder Theme
05. Fumes
06. Two Black Dogs
07. The Trainyard
08. A Hallucination
09. The Chase
10. The Gutter

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Previously Released:
2007: Heroin And Your Veins - Dead people´s trails

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